mariani m700 Black-Series I E63 AMG

At the premises of the Family-Business mariani Car-Styling, wich compelled attraction since their establishment in 1985 with their wide body modifications, the m700 Black-Series was built up in meticulously handwork based on the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG W212 T- Modell.


Aim of this customization was to lay down the standard in reference of how a car of this size has to look- and function. Our m700 Black-Series summarize an extreme wheel-tire combination under a unagiated and oem-quality fender-extensions at Black-Series look. In combination with a balanced suspension set-up and a improved performance + exhaust sound he claims there are no experiments appropriate while modifying top-notch cars in that way.

Already in 1988, the first mariani wide-body in sheet metal (Mercedes W124, W140, BMW 8er etc. left the workshop of the small family business.



Base: Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG W212 T-Modell

Engine: 5,5Liter Bi-Turbo mit 585 PS

Performance increase to 700 hp and 1,000 Nm (330 Km / h peak) by characteristic field optimization of the control unit

Body: Hand-made fender widening in Black-Series look

Wheel: Front 10.5J x 20 inches with 265/30 R20
    Rear 13J x 20 inch with 325/25 R 20 tires

Chassis: (air-) suspension adjustment without loss of comfort

Exhaust System: Sound Level 3; Variable speed Driving modes controllable (loud-quiet) + 20HP


The performance values ​​are spectacular: 700HP, 1,000Nm and 330Km / h peak. To ensure the necessary grip and an extreme look, the performance is brought on the road over 265 and 325 Pneus. These dimensions of the wheel tires are otherwise found in the league of super sports cars à la Lamborghini and Ferrari. The rims are dimensioned and manufactured in such a way that they also optimally exploit the wheel arch inwards and thus promise an improved driving behavior and an aesthetic look.

To get enough space for the about 4 inches extended wheels in comparison to OEM, the fenders of the rear-axle has to be enlarged about 1,5 inches on each side. Therefore a handmade Widebody was crafted in Black-Series look. For quality reasons the fenders were not just spackled on the body but in OEM basic material estimated.

Our long experince allows us use the full range of the fenders. By that we mean to measure the space precisley on the edge of the chassis and even more improrant the space inside the car. Without that ability it´s impossible to 1. fix wheels of expand measures and 2. provide a sporty and classy look at once. Furthermore it guarantees the driver to move the car prcisely and more stable.

The sport exhaust system can be produced either as a 4-pipe optics or while maintaining the standard optics and is acoustically no less extreme than the entire conversion variant.

Due to the low-vibration output material of the stainless steel exhaust system, the sound is very dull and not even disturbing during busy motorways. The best way to move the vehicle smoothly is through the driving modes which can be selected via the central console (C, S, S +).

The m700 Black-Series is the answer to the philosophy of the family business, which has been operating for the last 30 years. As already noted, there is no need for experiments to improve visually and technically the E63 AMG caliber. Many years of experience, modifications which emphasize the advantages of original equipment quality and knowledge which can be implemented in a customer-oriented manner are decisive in order to improve high-quality vehicles from home.

magnum summum…

mariani m700 Black-Series


The discreet mudguard extension in original equipment look and quality in combination with the extreme wheel and tire combination, the 700 hp and 1,000 Nm over the sporty tuned chassis unintentionally and bring everyday to the road.

This is the sound which can be attributed to the brachial performance values already in the stand.

Our Magnum Summum ... mariani m700 Black-Series

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