Exhaust-Sytems and Sound-Tuning

 We guarantee for every of our customers desires the perfect fitting solution: Sound-Tuning (even for Diesel-Engines). Stainless-Steel Exhaust Systems (intermediate and rear muffler / kat back systems) and valve exhausts. Rear Pipes / tips in almost every optic and diameter from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 6 etc. pipe Optic. AMG 45, 55, 63 and 65 exhaust-tips and diffuser, Audi S and RS and BMW M6 etc. optic.

Audi Exhaust System

BMW Exhaust System

Mercedes Exhaust System

Other manufacturers

Our sound tuning of the OEM or stainless-steel exhausts can be adjusted to your desire. That means they are available in different sound stages from a little bit louder than OEM to Motorsport / racing car notes. After a short conversation we exactly know what sound you require and produce it like that.

Our aim is always to get the deepest and most sonorous sound out of every car, it doesn´t matter if it´s a 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinder engine which never breaks into your interior in an annoying way.

Due to our 30 years experience and steady improvement of our products we are able to get a sporty sound out of diesel-engines without using electronic modules (active sound / silence booster) and without replacement of the DPF (particle filter).