Aston Martin DB11 Tuning I Grace by mariani

Aston Martin DB11 Tuning

The introduction of Aston Martins new DB11 is directive for the English sports car manufacturer. New engine, new platform, new infotainment-system.

The company´s flagship combines traditional design with significantly improved technology.

However, it`s obvious that there is still potential for improvements for the German Family Business of mariani Car-Styling to upgrade the of the 210.000 € valuable and 200 mp/h fast Super-GT.

The first walk around shows remarkable chassis clearance of the Bond-Car.
The 2 inches between tires and aerodynamic fender seems inappropriate from a technical and optical point of view.

To enhance the performance especially at high velocities and cornering speeds there have been manufactured the first sport-suspension system for the DB11.
In cooperation with the specialists of H&R Special Springs the first suspension components were manufactured. Sport springs and wheel-spacers lower the car to an optimum and widen the genuine wheels. Since more than 30 years the company mariani Car-Styling rely on the know-how of the suspension specialist which also provides racing teams as DTM Series and even Formula 1.

The all new V12 engine get´s ventilated by two turbochargers which means a sharp increase of power in comparison to it´s precursor. However, the new Turbochargers mean a regression in the matter of sound.

Aston Martin´s genuine valve-exhaust provides the top foundation for mariani Car-Styling´s handcrafted exhaust sound modification.
The electronic valve systems keep working as usual but at sport and sport+ mode the V12 sounds much more aggressive and sonorous in comparison to it´s standard exhaust.

3 pieced forged wheels were crafted in collaboration with Schmidt Revolution Wheels. The new wheels are seized and designed on point so they can take full advantage of the wheel-case.
The design and measures are exclusive to emphasize the classy character of the sports car.

Self evident the wheels as the whole refining program of mariani is TÜV certificated for an easy registration both in Germany and all over the world.

For the best possible contact to the street the high performance tire Pirelli P-Zero is used. With it´s measures of 275 ZR21 at the front axle and 325 ZR 21 at the back it represents the optimal Tire-Wheel solution for the Aston Martin DB11.

We would like to point out that we are not primarily specialized at Aston Martin Cars.


-handcrafted Valve-Exhaust

-Suspension components: wheel spacers and sport-springs

- 3 pieced forged-wheels Front: 10,5Jx21 inch with 275 ZR21 and Back: 12Jx21 inch with 325 ZR21 Pirelli P-Zero (rim halves available in polished steel, black - chrome and 24K gold)

- ECU-Tuning on request

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