about us

At first we want to point out that our aim is always to contribute our customers with solutions, which revalue the appearance and in the same way the improve performance of your car.

Our 30 years of experience while working on high valency allows us to determine the standard on how a a top-notch cars performance - or in more detail the interaction between suspension, wheels and engine works balanced

30 years ago we missed the noble aspect and it´s absolute functionality at our private luxury cars. Because of that we felt forced to do intensive design and engineering studies to provide our customer with high end car parts for outstanding automotive.

Since 1986 we have been offering extreme tire-wheel combiantions for Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars.

1988 we crafted our first fender-extensions on p.e Mercedes W124, W140, BMW 8-Series etc.

In addition, we offer high-quality SuspensionSystem lowering solutions for spring and air-suspensions like ActiveBodyCorntol or Airmatic since 2000.

Since the very beginning we have been absolutely in charge of exhaust-systems. Specific for our mostly handmade silencer modifications are a sonorous and clear soundpattern which can deliverd in the soundstage you desire. We also provide you with many diffrent exhaust-tip looks and measures like our 4 x 129 x 106 oder Mercedes 63AMG and 760i Look.

Our ideas were mostly adopt some years later by the marketand this inspires us to present our customers frequently new state of the art modifications.

Individuality and exclusivity are the maxime of our company for more than 30 years.

The company has not sprung from a car-locksmith dynastie.


Already 30 years ago we missed the noble and absolutely working on our private luxury vehicles. So we were forced, by intensive designers and engineering work improvement in optics & aerodynamic chassis, etc.

For example, we have been offering extreme tire spreading and vehicle spreading since 1986

In 1989, we set up our own production and processing in order to enable a precise chassis alignment.

In addition, we offer an optimization of the air suspension and since 2000 also with the high-quality ABC-Fahrwerken.

Furthermore, since the very beginning we have been absolutely in charge of exhaust modifications. Although our sound modifications, which are influenced by the motorsport, in which you specify the sound or changes of the optics by 2 -3 or -4 exhaust systems of different sizes, which we do as usual by hand for you ... is not not there!

Our ideas were mostly taken over by the industry some years later and this inspires us daily to new top performances in order to present our customers always up-to-date novelties, which are always visually and technically pioneers.

Individuality and exclusivity are now the maxim of our company for almost 30 years.

The company has not sprung from a car locksmith dynasty.


Since we do not only insist on a faultless final product, but also the service and / or your right advice are very important, we now show our mariani-sportivo

1. Technical basis for understanding the sizes
2. Effect of "minor" changes on the driving behavior.

We are now aware of the fact that an 18-inch rim, as shown here, is no longer up-to-date in today's top-of-the-range automotive industry such as the Mercedes CL 600 / 63amg Audi A / S8 Bentley Continental, Rim sizes which are still preferred by the motorsport teams, eg on the Nürnburgring and other racetracks!

That's why, for visual reasons, we also make concessions to concessions, and offer 19/20/21 inches and larger sizes, and our know-how is particularly important in order to guarantee a tadellose vote However, we point out that it is our premise, in such super sports cars the far over 300 km / h fast drive this almost unbelievable force to curb Especially on the road to be able to drive also at 340 km/h Not just to be a passenger!

e.g. S8 or m6 mariani in comparison to conventional tuners:


marianiother Tunerdifference
VA 10 x 19 8 x 21 ca. 5cm more support surface & ca. 1 Bar little pressure!
HA 12 x 20 9 x 21 ca. 7cm more support surface & ca. 0,6 Bar little pressure!