Suspension Systems

Lowering systems precisely adjusted for a more sporty appearance of your car and a much better handling without any losses of comfort or brand guarantee. Available for almost every spring and air suspension system p.e. Mercedes-Benz Airmatic, ABC (Active Body Control) and Magic Body Control, Audi AAS, Maserati Sky Hook and Bentley and VW AIR etc.

By modifying or customizing a car, it´s not all about the optic. It´s of course also of importance to improve the handling and performance. In case of a modification it is essential to improve the suspension of the car.
We always focus on an increase of the driving dynamic without any loss of the comfort.

Sport-Suspensions lower the technical focus of your car and because of that you get a much aggressive optic. Further more the lowering leads to less air accumulations under the car wich would have led to risky overdrive. This is of course a major factor to control your car precisly when driving fast.

If you want to maintain your OEM rims, our aluminium-magnesium wheel spacers offer a perfect result because they improve the handling and give your car a much sporty look.

We provide our customers always spacers which widen the rims flush / accurate to the edge of the body.

We point out that our suspension systems (lowering systems) don´t avoid the guarantee of your car and all settings p.e individual firmness like sport mode or lifting mode stay maintained.